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New Session IPA

By now you will have realised that here at Loose Cannon only the best is good enough, and when we set out to do something we make sure we get it right.

We have been developing a new IPA here on the quiet amongst all the monthlies and seasonals and we think it’s about time you all heard about it.

We set out to produce a full flavoured IPA but wanted to keep it a little lower on the ABV scale. This is not an easy task in and of itself but that’s what made it a challenge for us and an interesting problem at the same time. Because after all if it was easy then everybody would be doing it and where’s the fun in that eh?

We have used a generous 7 hops and increased the hop rate to show them off and added a liberal dose of Carared barley as well. We also decided that with this beer we’d make use of our brand new maturation tanks and let it sit for a good few days gently developing its character. But unlike our usual approach this one has gone straight to the keg. No finings added, no in line filtration just straight to the keg and of course straight to you in the most natural form yet from Loose Cannon. This is a cloudy beer and very much intentionally so.

So you are probably wondering if we are happy with the results? Well of course we are, after all we’d be daft as a brush to sit down and write this stuff if we weren’t – more importantly though we’re also aware that our fans are the best judges anyone can have and so when we are happy with something that’s because we know you will be too.

We have sent this 4.1% cracker of an IPA out to a few select outlets initially – you can see below where you can find it – or quickly get yourself added on to one of our rapidly filling up tours this year so you can sample as much as you like as soon as possible.

The news doesn’t stop here though. We have taken the decision that this is going to be the very first canned beer from Loose Cannon. We’ve become big fans of the can recently, they are better for the beer and better for the environment in many ways. It makes sense to us for this new, modern style of beer to be contained within the most up to date container.

Our next challenge? Well it’s to have it canned before Christmas. We’ll keep you posted of course. Fingers crossed.



Look for it here!!

Big Society (Oxford)
George Street Social (Oxford)
Library Pub (Oxford)
White Rabbit (Oxford)
Jolly Farmers (Oxford)
Chester (Oxford)
Jolly Postboys (Oxford)

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