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Weekdays 8am-6pm, Saturdays 9am-5pm

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We opened our doors back in summer 2010 with only one beer, Abingdon Bridge. We wanted to make easy drinking yet tasty beer for everyone to enjoy. In a bid to understand the tastes and preferences of our neighbors and potential customers we brewed “Abingdon Bridge Trial Brew 1” and “Abingdon Bridge Trial Brew 2” and put them head to head. The most popular became the beer enjoyed today by the people of Oxfordshire and beyond. Since then we have greatly expanded the range to 21 different beers available in 2015 with the potential of up to 8 available at any one time.

At Loose Cannon we focus our efforts on supplying beer directly to the people that drink it though our brewery shop as well as through a select group of local independent pubs and beer festivals.

We have been fortunate to receive several awards for our beers over the last few years. 3 regional gold medals and 2 bronze as well as a national silver from SIBA and 3rd place in the CAMRA Champion Beer of Oxfordshire competition 2014.